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Decided I wanted a new “tweener” machine that has ISA slots… —

I knew I had a super 7 board with ISA lying out in the garage in parts box, found it was a Gigabyte GA-5SMM with a Cyrix 266 in it. Took a scrapped Compaq DeskPro EXD desktop style mini-ATX case (originally a Celeron 800 by its sticker), 20gb HD, 128mb RAM, CD-ROM, 3.5 & 5.25″ floppies, Intel Pro/100 NIC and tossed it all together to make a new rig.

Got Win95b loaded up on it, don’t have USB working yet, but the rest is running like a champ. I haven’t investigated the USB issues, but I believe the driver was just not part of any of the packages on gigabytes site, I might need to dig around SIS’s site for a while to see if they have 95b drivers for the USB chipset. USB is not real critical to me in this build though, since any file transfer will likely be from the network, but it would be nice to say its working 

It’s kind of ironic I stuck this in a Compaq case, because I guess this particular GA-5SMM was out of a Compaq with its nice big red “Compaq” BIOS splash screen.

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  1. Yuhong Bao says:

    Well you are probably better off with Win98 if you do want USB.

    • Ryan says:

      You are quite correct, I am only doing this experiment with Windows 95 USB for giggles, I will likely be installing Windows 98 alongside 95 on this PC, I have a boot manager installed to allow multiple OS’s to be installed. Also accept my apologies, your comment got stuck in limbo for some reason.

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