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WYSEpc WY-1100

PC Clone from WYSE, the number one Thin Client/Terminal manufacturer. (added to my collection in 2013)

  • 8088 CPU
  • 256K RAM
  • 20MB MFM hard drive (Seagate ST-225)
  • 360K 5.25″ Floppy (Epson SD251)
  • Onboard MDA Video

This thing posts and boots to DOS, but I still do not have a functional keyboard for it.


  1. Steve says:

    Did you get it working? I have one of these including the monitor – unfortunately I don’t have a monitor cable – does anyone know if it’s specific or if any old cable will do?

    Many thanks.

    • Ryan says:

      I was able to get a bit further with mine, I used an IBM 5151 MDA monochrome monitor which was compatible and it POSTs and boots to DOS, however I do not have a keyboard that works with this, it is not standard IBM compatible XT or AT keyboard, I also tried a Wyse terminal keyboard which used the same plug and it was also not compatible, so I am stuck waiting on finding the proper keyboard before I can get any further with this one.
      I would assume the monitor cable is a straight through 9pin, same as any MDA monitor.

  2. Hey I’m “The Wyse Guy”, I collect all of Wyse’s vintage terminals and PC’s.

    I have this same WY-1100. It is compatible with 3 of Wyse’s terminal keyboards which use the RJ-11 jack. It is NOT compatible with the most common Wyse ASCII terminal keyboard, model #840338-01. Will NOT work.

    Instead, you can use your PC with the Wyse PCE terminal keyboard #840358-01, or the Wyse AT keyboard #840275-0x (can be -01, -02, or -04).

    I have warehouses of spares I’ll happily send you one for free if you pay shipping. Happy to see old Wyse equipment used.

    Also have the documentation covering the DIP switch settings for processor speed, memory, and display type. This has MDA (and Hercules) but also supports CGA and EGA thru the same DB9 port. There’s several video modes each for color and monochrome, depending on the resolution etc. you want

    The WY-1100 PC+ is actually a very capable machine. It was a late 8088 clone, coming out when the 80286 was already on the market.

    • Ryan says:

      Do you happen to know a pinout on the RJ11 keyboards to hook them up to the DIN connector on the WY-1100 (from memory I want to say it was a DIN8 or DIN9)?

      • Skylar Strickland says:

        So your WY-1100 has a DIN connector for the keyboard, not an RJ-11 jack? That makes it different from mine (and all my documentation).

        Because the RJ-11 version I have uses an unmodified Wyse 60 terminal keyboard (again only PC/AT or PCE layout, not the standard ASCII one), I suggest you try a Wyse 50 terminal keyboard with yours, as it uses a DIN connector.

        • Ryan says:

          Yeah, An odd-ball 8 or 9 pin DIN connector, you can just see part of it in the far right of the 2nd photo on here, the DIN plug does match up with a Wyse 50 keyboard, and I have tried one, but, it did not work, but the Wyse 50 keyboard was an ebay find, and otherwise untested by me, so the keyboard could be dead for all that I know.

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