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WYSEpc WY-1100

PC Clone from WYSE, the number one Thin Client/Terminal manufacturer. (added to my collection in 2013)

  • 8088 CPU
  • 256K RAM
  • 20MB MFM hard drive (Seagate ST-225)
  • 360K 5.25″ Floppy (Epson SD251)
  • Onboard MDA Video

This thing posts and boots to DOS, but I still do not have a functional keyboard for it.


  1. Steve says:

    Did you get it working? I have one of these including the monitor – unfortunately I don’t have a monitor cable – does anyone know if it’s specific or if any old cable will do?

    Many thanks.

    • Ryan says:

      I was able to get a bit further with mine, I used an IBM 5151 MDA monochrome monitor which was compatible and it POSTs and boots to DOS, however I do not have a keyboard that works with this, it is not standard IBM compatible XT or AT keyboard, I also tried a Wyse terminal keyboard which used the same plug and it was also not compatible, so I am stuck waiting on finding the proper keyboard before I can get any further with this one.
      I would assume the monitor cable is a straight through 9pin, same as any MDA monitor.

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