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Apple IIgs – WOZ Limited edition

My ROM3 WOZ-Limited IIgs (added to my collection in 2000)
(not ALL that limited, ~50,000 WOZ units produced)

  • 2.8Mhz 65C816 CPU
  • 5MB RAM (1MB on ROM3 Logic Board + Briel 4MB upgrade)
  • S1-Empty (AppleTalk slot)
  • S2-CFFA2 (revB) card with 4GB microdrive hard drive
  • S4-Uthernet II (beta) Ethernet adapter (plus Marinetti TCPIP stack)
  • S6-AE PC Transporter – 8086 PC compatibility card (768k)
  • S7-Apple REV-C High Speed SCSI card – Iomega JAZ 1GB drive connected
  • LocalTalk connection to my Mac’s for easy network file transfer

I am still holding out hope to some day acquire an accelerator card, either a TWGS or ZIP GS, that’s really the last thing I need for my IIgs.


  1. David says:

    I want to set up my //GS to use a Jazz drive as the start up device and harddrive. Do you remember what steps you took to get it to work like that or do you just use it for storage? Thanks Dave.

    • I have not used mine as a startup device, I have a CFFA card I use for that. However, with an appropriate SCSI card, it should be possible to make a Jaz or Zip a boot device on a IIgs, it will have to be a 32MB Prodos partition though, I don’t think the GS supports booting HFS partitions. It’s been ages since I set this all up, so I really don’t remember the steps.

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