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Apple IIgs – WOZ Limited edition

My ROM3 WOZ-Limited IIgs (added to my collection in 2000)
(not ALL that limited, ~50,000 WOZ units produced)

  • 2.8Mhz 65C816 CPU
  • 5MB RAM (1MB on ROM3 Logic Board + Briel 4MB upgrade)
  • S1-Empty (AppleTalk slot)
  • S2-CFFA2 (revB) card with 4GB microdrive hard drive
  • S4-Uthernet II (beta) Ethernet adapter (plus Marinetti TCPIP stack)
  • S6-AE PC Transporter – 8086 PC compatibility card (768k)
  • S7-Apple REV-C High Speed SCSI card – Iomega JAZ 1GB drive connected
  • LocalTalk connection to my Mac’s for easy network file transfer

I am still holding out hope to some day acquire an accelerator card, either a TWGS or ZIP GS, that’s really the last thing I need for my IIgs.

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