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Citizen PN-50

Citizen PN-50 “Pocket Note” portable printer (added to my collection in about 1999)

  • 360dpi “24-element” thermal print head
  • 2ppm
  • Plain paper prints with thermal transfer ribbon OR
  • Direct Thermal paper prints without ribbon
  • 1.1lbs with battery pack

This is a pretty impressive printer for being released in 1994ish, this printer is well over 25 years old, and still works fine on modern computers (via an USB>LPT adapter, and Epson LQ 2550 driver).  I still use this on occasion while traveling, since it fits well in my laptop bag.  I also have a modern HP OficeJet 100 “portable” printer that I will travel with, but it’s a huge tank, so not always convenient to carry with me, so as long as it continues to work, I will still use this PN-50 when I need to travel light.