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Apple ImageWriter II

My Apple ImageWriter II (added to my collection in 1992/93)

Purchased by my grandparents for me back in about 1992/93 along with my Apple //c

  • 9-pin dot matrix print element
  • 4-color or single color ribbon
  • 160×144 dpi
  • 2 Pages per minute (single color, darn slow for full color).

Mice had got into this printer at some point while it was in storage for the past 20 or so years and chewed the carriage guide wire and print head data ribbon cable, I was able to source another complete IW2 printer (with platen issues) for parts and was able to get it up and running again, see the first test video below, printing in COLOR thanks to some NEWLY manufactured 4-color ribbons that Matt Jordan from the Apple II Enthusiasts group on Facebook had manufactured.