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HP Z800 Workstation (TrueNAS)

This PC was lost to the basement flood of 2021.

About half the water pumped out, everything that was stacked or on a low shelf floated around and made a HUGE mess.

Now my main TrueNAS box, Previously my daily driver PC until I got my Dell Precision 7810.  My temp TrueNAS box is my HP Microserver N40L until I can replace this with something better.

  • Dual – 6-core Xeon x5675 CPUs (3.06ghz)
  • 48GB DDR3 ECC (triple channel)
  • 240GB SSD (TrueNAS boot)
  • 128MB Samsung NVMe SSD (on PCIe adapter card, cache drive)
  • 8x 2TB HDDs (4x internal bay, 4x front mount hot swap bays)
  • nVidia Quadro 600
  • Broadcom dual Gigabit integrated NIC (LAN/Internet)
  • Mellanox SFP+ NIC (Direct 10gig fiber connection to my main PC)
  • TrueNAS 12.0U2.1