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pfSense Router

My pfSense router is built out of an old HP 6000 Pro machine, it is configured as follows:

  • Pentium E6300 2.8Ghz (dual core)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 160GB HD
  • Onboard Intel Gigabit and 4 port Intel PCIe Gigabit NICs
    1. WAN Interface – CenturyLink 140/20mbps vDSL2
    2. LAN Interface –
    3. IoT Interface – (internet only)
    4. CCTV Interface – (no internet, only access to NVR)
  • Traffic shaping (20/1mbps cap on IoT)
  • QOS priority on VoIP

Normally for a router I would have used a small 4-16gb solid state DOM or CF card for the OS, however in this case I am also running squid caching proxy, so I decided to use a hard drive for a bit more cache capacity and the extra write cycles it will need, eventually I will swap in an SSD.

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