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Fujitsu Lifebook 280dx

My Fujitsu Lifebook 280dx (added to my collection in 2017)

I had bought one of these BRAND NEW in 1997, in fact it was the one and only NEW “retail” computer I ever bought, I regrettably sold it on ebay after upgrading to a Pentium 3 laptop, so I bought this one recently.

  • Pentium W/MMX 233mhz
  • 96MB RAM
  • 4GB Sandisk MicroSATA SSD in PATA adapter
  • 12″ PSTN 800×600 display
  • 24X CDROM
  • Floppy Drive
  • 56kFlex modem


This one needs some work, it came a little battered up from shipping, latch was broken and display does not work (suspect backlight shattered).  I glued up the latch, and I am going to attempt a LED backlight conversion on it.