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ASUS EeePC netbook (2GB Surf)

My ASUS Eee PC netbook (added to my collection in 2009)

This was one of the fist of the “netbook” class of devices.  Netbooks class devices have all pretty much disappeared now, having been replaced by phones/tablets and chromebooks.

  • 800Mhz Intel Celeron M ULV
  • 512MB RAM
  • 2GB Soldered Flash-SSD (plus SD card slot for additional storage)
  • Wifi and 10/100 Ethernet.
  • Running Windows XP FLP (shipped with custom Asus Linux distro)

At one point I was running this as a network appliance hosting my Magicjack USB VoIP dongle, this was prior to MagicJack offering direct Ethernet connectable VoIP dongles.  This is why I was running Windows XP FLP on it, so their software would run on it.  Now that it’s not needed for that purpose, I may end up restoring the custom Linux distro back onto it.


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