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Utility and Driver Downloads

PC Utility/Driver:

Memtest86 4.20 (ISO image)
Genius E3000II Parallel Ethernet Driver (DOS, 3.x, 9x) (Self extracting 1.44 Floppy image)
Compaq Presario CDS, CDTV, 52x series BIOS Setup (DOS Executable)
Cisco 4800, 340, and 350 series WIFI drivers for DOS/Win3x (WinRAR Archive)
Ontrack BIOS Overlay. Quantum OEM version (Zip Archive)
Ontrack BIOS Overlay. Seagate OEM version (Zip Archive)
Ontrack BIOS Overlay. IBM OEM version (WinRAR Archive)
AnyDrive – Allows the use of UP TO 520mb hard drive when BIOS has no support (Zip Archive)
Gsetup – Generic BIOS setup routine for AT clones that do not have setup in ROM (Zip Archive)
5x86c2 – Enables options like ‘branch-prediction’ in the Cyrix cx5x86 CPUs (WinRAR Archive)
RadioShack serial mouse driver (for DOS/Win3) (WinRAR Archive)
CGA Compatibility test (Zip Archive)
Simple command-line CPU Model/speed check util (7-Zip Archive)
DOS Jaz Tools (Zip Archive)
Backpack External CD, Floppy, and HD Drivers (Zip Archive)
Disney Sound Source Windows 3.x, 9x, NT4 Driver (Zip Archive)
Crystal 4232 sound DOS/3.x Driver (Zip Archive)
Compaq Bios Setup Disk (720k disk image) (720k RAW/Winimage)
SYSCHK – Checks CPU, RAM, HD, Graphics, Network, Windows info (Zip Archive)
PC Applications:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 1.0 Win95 (Executable)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 Win95 (Executable)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Win95 (Executable)
CiderPress (for reading Apple2 partitions/images on fixed/removeable disks) (Zip Archive)
ADTPro (Apple II Disk Transfer software for PC/MAC) (External site link)
Visual Basic 1.0 (for MS-DOS) (7-zip Archive)
Visual Basic 2.0 (for Windows 3.x) (7-zip Archive)
Windows NT 4.0 Setup boot disks (7-zip Archive)
Microsoft Word 3 (for Windows 3.x) (7-zip Archive)
Mccafee Virus Scan 9.30 (DOS 286) (7-Zip Archive)
Microsoft Windows 3.0 (7-Zip Archive)
MS-NET 3.0 (2x 1.44mb Disk Images in 7-zip Archive) (7-Zip Archive)
XT-IDE BIOS (pre-universal – hargle) (Zip Archive)
XT-IDE BIOS (universal) (External Link)
Executor Mac Emulator:use serial:99991004 / auth:n9rk57f369byp (released free in 2008) (Executable)
AfterDark 4.0 (MAC – Stuffit compressed archive – extract into Control Panels)
Connetix Ram Doubler 400k disk image (MAC – Stuffit compressed DiskCopy image)
AE PC-Transporter software (A2 – Shrinkit Archive)
Apple II SCSI Card Utilities (A2 – Shrinkit Archive)


Archive tool Links:
Winimage (offsite)
WinRAR (offsite)
7-Zip (offsite)
Shrinkit for Prodos (.SDK)
Shrinkit for GSOS (.SEA.BIN)


  1. Brenda Smith says:

    I have a zeos notebook 386, when it tries to boot up it says hard disk failure. Can you tell me what the setting is suppose to be please?
    Will you email me the information please?
    Thank you

    • Ryan says:

      Settings will depend on what kind of hard disk is installed in it, there were a few different options available.
      It may not even be a setting though, that message can be due to the failure of the hard drive too, mine needed a new hard drive, it has a semi-modern 20GB hard drive installed now, though if I were to do this again (and I might), I would try to use a solid-state solution like a SSD or CF card instead.

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