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Kyocera 6035 (PalmOS Smartphone)

My Kyocera 6035 Smartphone (added to my collection in 2019)

  • 20Mhz Dragonball EZ CPU
  • 8MB memory
  • 160×160 EL-backlit LCD (plus Graffiti touch area below LCD)
  • Palm OS 3.5.2
  • IRDA port
  • Serial Hotsync port
  • Built in cellular modem and phone functions.

The 6035 (released in 2001) is quite similar to the Qualcomm PDQ which was released a few years prior in late 1998 or early 1999, it was roughly equivalent to a Palm III in specs, where the Kyocera 6035 is roughly equivalent to a Palm Vx, so minor upgrades.  Both had a similar form factor with cellular control buttons that flipped closed over the bottom portion of the display, and when flipped open revealed the Palm PDA functions.