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Zenith Z-180 Laptop

My Zenith Z-180 series laptop (added to my collection in 2022)

  • 80c88 4.7/8Mhz
  • 640KB RAM
  • Dual 720KB Floppies
  • 640×200 LCD Screen

This laptop is non-functional, at least as far as I can tell thus far.  I don’t have an 18V adapter, but I tried plugging in a 16V adapter of the correct polarity, and I would have assumed I should have got some LEDs or at least some signs of life (battery pack is 12V, so assuming it should have a working range of about 12-18V on the input).  I have not yet investigated this one further.  I grabbed this mainly because of the paint job a previous owner has given it, it’s just too cute.