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Exelvision Exeltel II

My Exeltel II (added to my collection in 1997)

Telephone/Terminal hybrid.  From what I can tell this was provided by “USWest” to customers as a news/information terminal, I guess it never made it far out of test markets (Minneapolis, MN, where I am located, was a common USWest testing area).

More information (translated French to English)


USWest later became QWest, which has now merged and become part of CenturyLink, who provides my telephone and vDSL2 service to this day.


  1. phil says:

    I have one too !
    I always wondered about this thing. I managed to make it remember my friend phone numbers and it could call them. Ive never made an acual internet connection though I was at one point trying to connect to a dial up server.

    • Back in the 90’s when I acquired this terminal, I used to dial into the local public libraries card-catalog and check-out system, I could request books, renew, etc..
      These days I dial into my personal Linux terminal-server box and can telnet, browse the web via lynx, and even check my gmail on it 😉

  2. Derek says:

    I got my hands on one, but I’ve never been able to make a serial connection. It has a serial port, just no option in the menus. Is the modem the only way?

    For curiosity’s sake I disassembled mine and dumped the ROM.

  3. Rhea Smykalski says:

    I just found one of these in my parents basement in Minneapolis. Is there a market for selling these? Thanks

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