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Netpliance I-Opener

Designed and sold as an “internet appliance” in 1999, these were soon embraced by the hacker crowd as a cheap all in one flat panel PC (at the time flat panels were still quite expensive).  Other than some custom software and BIOS, these were essentially full x86 PCs with a small DiskOnChip with a variant of Linux on them.

  • WinChip C6 200Mhz (Mine has been upgraded with a Pentium MMX Overdrive CPU@166Mhz)
  • 32MB RAM (upgradable with single SODIMM, mine has 128MB)
  • 16MB DOC Module
  • 2.5″ Laptop style IDE header (mine has a 20GB drive)
  • 12″ Passive Matrix screen
  • REAL Hardware 56k Modem (for a short time I actually used this as an internet sharing “modem server” router connecting the rest of my PCs to the internet until I got cable modem in late 1999).

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