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Apple IIc Plus

My Apple IIc Plus (added to my collection in 2010)

  • 4Mhz 65c02 (fastest stock Apple II released, IIgs was only 2.8Mhz)
  • 128Kb RAM (upgradable to 1.125Mb)
  • Internal 3.5″ 800K Floppy
  • External 5.25″ 140K Floppy
  • Internal Power supply (no more “brick on a leash” like //c)
  • Internal Modem port
  • Mini-din serial ports (like IIgs and Macintosh now use)
  • CPU can be overclocked to 8-10Mhz on most units with a timing crystal swap

I use this machine mostly for ADTPro to make disks for all the rest of my Apple II’s, it has a long serial cable running over to my workbench to hook my laptop up to.


  1. Jeff Herring says:

    I just picked one of these up at a yard sale that looks like it has never been used. From what I can find out I guess they are really rare. One site said only 400K of them were made due to being unpopular because it was only 8 bit when most people were wanting 16. What would you say the value of this might be? Also where might someone find out more information about it.
    Thank you for your time,
    J. Herring

    • Nice find!
      They are fairly rare, and valuable, they never sold well, the 3.5″ disk drive was actually a reason many people didn’t buy them, since thousands of Apple II titles were only on 5.25″ disks. I don’t know exact sales figures, but they were not super high. Despite being 8-bit, Apple II’s (IIgs and //e) were still quite popular when this sold, but other than the faster CPU, the IIc+ didn’t really have the features buyers wanted.

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