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Apple IIc Plus

My Apple IIc Plus (added to my collection in 2010)

  • 4Mhz 65c02 (fastest stock Apple II released, IIgs was only 2.8Mhz)
  • 128Kb RAM (upgradable to 1.125Mb)
  • Internal 3.5″ 800K Floppy
  • External 5.25″ 140K Floppy
  • Internal Power supply (no more “brick on a leash” like //c)
  • Internal Modem port
  • Mini-din serial ports (like IIgs and Macintosh now use)
  • CPU can be overclocked to 8-10Mhz on most units with a timing crystal swap

I use this machine mostly for ADTPro to make disks for all the rest of my Apple II’s, it has a long serial cable running over to my workbench to hook my laptop up to.

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