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AT&T Merlin Legend PBX

AT&T Merlin Legend PBX system (added to my collection in 2003)

  • Power supply module
  • R3 Processor module
  • 408 GS/LS 4-line module / 8-port MLX station module
  • 016 basic with ring gen 16-port analog station module
  • 408 LS/ATL 4-line module / 8-port ATL station module

I used to use this PBX in my home just to share multiple phone lines and multiple extensions with roommates, but it was eventually replaced in that function with an Asterisk PBX VoIP system, now it is just used for connecting modems on my various vintage PCs and Terminals to my dial-in server.  I actually have 2 complete carriers/PSUs/Processor modules, and a slew of line/station card modules and phones for this system.