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Lenovo M92 Tiny (Workbench PC)

This is my workbench PC, picked it up free from my work, was recycled due to faulty ethernet port.

  • Core i5-3470T CPU
  • 16GB RAM (upgraded from 4GB)
  • 500GB SSD (upgraded from 320GB spinning rust)
  • DVD/CDRW Sled and VESA mount
  • Teac USB 3.5″ floppy
  • USB3 gigabit NIC with USB3 hub (faulty onboard NIC)
  • Running Ubuntu 20.04LTS

This is mounted out of the way under my workbench with the VESA mount/optical drive sled. This gets used mostly just for downloading drivers/etc, making 3.5″ disk images, burning CD/DVDs, or downloading manuals.  This is hooked up to the workbench monitor with a KVM to switch between other systems on the bench, the monitor also has composite hookups for NTSC/PAL video, not the newest or sharpest LCD, but has pretty broad selection of ports and signal compatibility.