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Generic 486

My Generic 486 (built in its current form in 2013)

  • i80486 DX-33 (in FIC mother board)
  • 8MB RAM
  • AHA-1522A SCSI Card
  • 1GB Quantum Prodrive SCSI hard drive
  • PD/CD-Rom drive (kind of a precursor to CD-R and DVD-RAM)
  • 5.25″ 360K floppy (used to make disks for older PCs)
  • 3.5″ 1.44MB floppy
  • Full Length COM/LPT/Floppy/MFM card, using mostly just for COM/LPT ports, but nice to have in place to test MFM hard drives too.
  • Sound Blaster 16 (CT4170)
  • 3C509 10-Base-T NIC
  • Trident VGA (512k)
  • MS-DOS 6.22 & Windows 3.1
  • ALT12887 discrete realtime circuit in place of failed Dallas RTC module.

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