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HP XW9400 Workstation

Lost to the 2021 basement flood

  • Dual, Dual Core Opteron (2216) 2.4Ghz CPUs
  • 10GB ECC/Registered DDR2 RAM
  • 1050Watt PSU
  • 14 onboard SATA/SAS plus a 4-port IO Crest PCIe card (PNP in FreeNAS)
  • 16x 500GB 2.5″ Drives (using 2.5″ hotswap bays plus the 4 internal bays)
  • 2x 60GB Intel SSD’s for cache (helps with bulk transfers, I can max the NIC until the cache fills up, then data drives are the bottleneck).
  • Dual 1Gbps NICs (1 dedicated to my PC, 1 to the rest of the network).
  • 8GB USB Key on internal USB port for FreeNAS OS.

This was my daily driver PC until I replaced it with a Dell Precision T7400 Workstation, now this PC is a dedicated FreeNAS server, it’s main purpose is running the Plex Media server plugins, and storing all of our media.  With this machine’s 14 onboard SATA/SAS ports and ECC memory it’s ideal for a FreeNAS storage server, however it is a huge power hog, I’ve tried to mitigate the power usage some by removing its former 135watt Quadro GPU and installing a simple PCI video card for the console, also the 14x 2.5″ hard drives are not quite as power hungry as the 3.5″ drives.

This has been retired totally, it’s refusing to boot any disks, several capacitors have blown out on the motherboard, I may fix it some day, but for now it’s retired. I will not attempt to repair this due to flood damage.

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