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FreeNAS Server – HP XW9400 Workstation

  • Dual, Dual Core Opteron (2216) 2.4Ghz CPUs
  • 10GB ECC/Registered DDR2 RAM
  • 1050Watt PSU
  • 14 onboard SATA/SAS plus a 4-port IO Crest PCIe card (PNP in FreeNAS)
  • 16x 500GB 2.5″ Drives (using 2.5″ hotswap bays plus the 4 internal bays)
  • 2x 60GB Intel SSD’s for cache (helps with bulk transfers, I can max the NIC until the cache fills up, then data drives are the bottleneck).
  • Dual 1Gbps NICs (1 dedicated to my PC, 1 to the rest of the network).
  • 8GB USB Key on internal USB port for FreeNAS OS.

This was my daily driver PC until I replaced it with a Dell Precision T7400 Workstation, now this PC is a dedicated FreeNAS server, it’s main purpose is running the Plex Media server plugins, and storing all of our media.  With this machine’s 14 onboard SATA/SAS ports and ECC memory it’s ideal for a FreeNAS storage server, however it is a huge power hog, I’ve tried to mitigate the power usage some by removing its former 135watt Quadro GPU and installing a simple PCI video card for the console, also the 14x 2.5″ hard drives are not quite as power hungry as the 3.5″ drives.

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