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HP XW9400 Workstation

  • Dual, Dual Core Opteron (2216) 2.4Ghz CPUs
  • 10GB ECC/Registered DDR2
  • 120GB RAID0 Boot Array (2x 60GB Intel SSD’s)
  • 3.0TB (USB3 Ext), 1.5TB, and 750GB Storage/backup drives
  • nVidia Quadro FX4600
  • PCIe USB3 Card
  • 1050Watt PSU
  • Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)

This was my daily driver PC until I replaced it with a Dell Precision T7400 Workstation

This PC is idle now, but I have plans to reuse it as a FreeNAS server, with the 12 SAS and 4 SATA ports on board, it has the makings of a nice mass storage server. I plan to purchase 3 – 4 bay 2.5″ hot-swap drive cages and fill it with 2TB drives and reuse the old intel 60GB SSDs for FreeNAS OS and caching.

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