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Dell Inspiron 2500

My Dell Inspiron 2500 (added to my collection in 2003)

  • Pentium III 700mhz
  • 512MB RAM
  • 20GB HD
  • 15″ SXGA LCD
  • 802.11b/a WIFI

I bought this laptop off ebay in 2003, I had just finished a contract job, had some money and wanted a newer laptop (was still using my Lifebook 280 back then).  If I recall, it had 128MB RAM and a 12GB HD (and Windows ME, ewww) when I got it, I upgraded to 512MB RAM and a 20GB HD, and I ran Windows 2k on this thing until I got a new laptop, if I am remembering correctly this was briefly replaced with my Inspiron 5100 (running XP), but not long after that I got my Thinkpad X61 (running originally XP, later Win7, now Ubuntu).