My Vintage Computer Virtual Museum and blog page.

Working on rebuilding the site. —

This all started on July 31st 2020 when our former webhost ( went dark along with all our content, we’ve restored some content, but the backups were older than they should have been (I was lax on running manual backups), the most recent backup from January 2020 had the wrong database file saved, so we had to restore the database back to October 2019.

I will be working on recreating the lost pages by hand, though if azcappy ever comes back online I should be able to log in there and grab all of the most current content.

We’re self-hosting this site from a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB, on our gigabit FTTH connection. Our previous webhost had pretty strict CPU and memory (128mb) constraints on our plan, so this Pi is quite a bit faster and much less memory choked.  Due to previous hosts resource constraints we had resorted to using a page caching plugin for quick page loads, now the Pi can build/render content dynamically just as fast as the previous hosts page caching did, so page cache has been disabled.

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  1. Mike Lycett says:


    I found your website by searching for information relating to Vintage Genius LAN E3000II Pocket LAN Adapter and your page rightfully appeared.

    I’m struggling to locate the drivers that came with this device I intend to use it on the dock of an ibm pc110 and or one of my libretto docking stations so I’m not tying up the pcmcia slots on these devices and I can hit swap them.

    I have two of these devices I was initially trying to get a xircom pe3

    All the website links I find relate to using them with Atari kit and more but I want to use them with age appropriate devices running win 95 / 98

    If you have the drivers I’d be interested to get a copy as there is supposed to be some diagnosis software and I don’t seem able to locate it.

    I have them powered and lit up but not yet talking to the laptops..

    I do like my vintage tech but it’s proving hard to sometimes find what you’re looking for.

    • I will have a look through my drivers, I know I don’t have any original driver disks, but I seem to remember I may have downloaded some DOS drivers back when I got this device. I will post back here on this page and link them if I can find anything.

  2. Moejj Oryzen says:

    Love this website, perusing nostalgic h/w. Ahh, those were the days! Before everybody and their goldfish had a computer, ONLY the eL1T3 had a PC!

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