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Site has been rebuilt, and then some… —

We’ve recovered all the lost content, and even added a few more pages that we’d not gotten around to prior to loosing our hosting.  We’ve still not heard a peep from our former webhost, and his site is still dark all these months later. Self hosting from our Raspberry Pi has actually been working quite […]

Working on rebuilding the site. —

This all started on July 31st 2020 when our former webhost ( went dark along with all our content, we’ve restored some content, but the backups were older than we’d hoped, the most recent backup from January 2020 had the wrong database file, so we had to restore the database back to October 2019. I […]

Raspberry Pi 3B+ Dial-up server. —

Finally got my Raspberry Pi 3 all configured to replace my old outdated power-hog Pentium 4 dial-up server. It’s running Raspbian Buster, with mgetty configured to answer the modems. I have a multi-port USB>RS232 adapter that the 4x 56k USR Modems are connected to. The Pi and RS232 adapter are both mounted on the plywood […]

Network and Telecommunications upgrades —

Picked up four inexpensive 48-port gigabit layer-3 switches (Nortel/Avaya 5510-48T) to upgrade my network infrastructure, one is acting as the backbone switch in the house, and the three others (office, workshop, and entertainment center) are linked to it with dual gigabit LACP links.  The network has been reconfigured some to save power, turns out these […]