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HP 100LX (1MB)

My HP 100LX (added to my collection in 2010)

  • 7.91mhz “Hornet” CPU (80186 instruction set)
  • 1MB RAM – split 640kb main memory, 384kb RAMDISK
  • 640×200 CGA compatible LCD
  • PCMCIA II Slot (Storage/Modem/NIC) – Currently houses 32mb flash card.
  • IR and Serial Ports. I have made a DE9 adapter to use standard serial devices.
  • Windows 3.0 running from 32mb flash card.

Here’s a quick clip using a serial mouse on Windows 3.0 with my DIY DE9 adapter:

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  1. 1ku Ze says:

    This is really cool!
    I’d love to see more.

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