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Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

  • Custom Ricoh made CPU Based on the famous MOS 6502.
  • 2KB Working RAM / 2KB Video RAM / 256B Object RAM / 28B Pallet RAM
  • Up to 32KB direct addressable Cartridge ROM (more with bank switching)
  • 16KB “Expansion” address space for cartridge housed SRAM/Video RAM/ROM.
  • 5 Sound channels including 2 Pulse-Wave with variable volume and pitch bending

I have owned this NES since Christmas 1989.  I have done a little bit of work to it to keep it up and running, including a new 72-pin header, rebuilt RF switch (though rarely used, AV outputs are preferred), power supply and controllers have also been replaced a few times over the years, current ones are NOT Nintendo equipment, but decent quality aftermarket.

NES System

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