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MacOS Downloads

MacOS 7.0.1 in 1.44MB RAW .IMA format, you should be able to write it with almost all disk imaging apps, these are converted images from the archives, since the apple archives are in an Macintosh-only format:

DISK TOOLS (Stock 7.0.1 “HDSC Setup” only for Apple ROM drives)
DISK TOOLS (Hacked “HDSC Setup 7.5.3” for NON-Apple ROM drives)

You only need to make ONE of the two DISK TOOLS disks, if you have a NON-Apple hard drive, you can only use the hacked version, if your drive is Apple-ROM, you can use either, it’s up to you.

These disk images can be written using a Windows PC and either a built in or USB 3.5″ 1.44MB Floppy drive.  Windows wont know what to do with the disks and will assume they are unformatted and want to format them, so do not try to access them from windows after you have written the image to disk.  These can be used to boot and install OS 7.0.1 on any supported Macintosh with a 1.44MB drive.

NOTE: If you have a Macintosh with only a 400K or 800K floppy drive (Lisa, 128k, XL, 512k, Plus, and the MacII / SE without FDHD upgrades), there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to make boot disks from a PC or Modern OSX Macintosh.  The only way to make 400/800K disks is by using an older, intermediate, Macintosh.  The Beige Power Macintosh G3 is the LAST model of Mac to support the GCR coded 400/800K floppies, and then only on the internal floppy drive, there are NO 400/800K capable USB drives.

UPDATE: I have just found a Macintosh Floppy emulator, it’s capable of booting 400 and 800k disk images from an SD card copied from either a PC or modern Mac.  Thanks to this emulator it should now be possible to boot up a 400/800K Mac without floppy disks!!!

Not strictly MacOS related, but I am going to put it here anyways for your downloading pleasure:
Lisaem – Apple Lisa Emulator (Win32 – Installer).

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