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I’ve tidied up some of the telecom/network cabling. —

I spent some time last weekend cleaning up the cabling mess for our telephones and dialup server, now it’s not such a disaster.  I ran all the telephone/modem connections to a 66 block rather than just hanging it all off the front of the phone switch.

  • 12 of the analog phone lines off the PBX switch run into my house (via 3 of the 4 CAT5 cables in my conduit) for my various vintage telephones throughout the house.
  • 4 lines are dedicated to the dialup modem server (via a call group).
  • 4 more to my workbench for telephone/modem testing.
  • 4 more to my PC display wall for the various PCs and terminals to dial into my modem server.

Network wise

  • The final CAT5 cable from the house feeds into a 5-port gigabit switch mounted below the PBX, that switch then feeds
    1. Netgear 16-port gigabit switch on the workbench
    2. Cisco 24-port 10/100 switch (with gigabit uplink) for the PC display wall
    3. CCTV security camera
    4. Netgear 600N wireless AP and 4-port 10/100 switch which feeds
      1. The Dial-up PC
      2. a 2nd CCTV security camera
      3. Linksys PAP2 SIP Analog Telephone Adapter that feeds dial-tone from my Asterisk PBX in the house to the AT&T Merlin Legend PBX here.

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