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Some infrastructure updates. —

We had a basement flood about 2 months ago now caused by a burst water heater, it destroyed some of the infrastructure systems for our house, unfortunately my NAS servers, some network gear, and house mechanical systems were all flooded and damaged/lost.

Luckily my Router, CCTV surveillance server, and domain controller were all sitting on top of the NAS servers and were spared from the flood.

I have an old slow HP Microserver L40N acting as my NAS for the time being, however, I will be picking up something faster, and rack-mountable, since I was able to get a “1/2 rack” that was being disposed of from work.  I have a new network switch (with 4x10G SFP+ ports) on the way, I will be installing all the current and future equipment into the rack once I get it down into the basement (it needs to be disassembled, it will not fit down the stairs in one piece).  I will be keeping equipment (other than maybe a UPS/PDU) out of the bottom 12U just in case we ever flood again.

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