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Picked up a Teletype model 43 for the museum. —

I found this Teletype for sale in an antique store in Duluth, Minnesota.

Seems to function in local mode, I need to get the cabling figured out and try to get it working in online mode.

UPDATE: 9/2018: I was able to get this talking to a PC with the right combination of cables and null modem adapter, it was sending/receiving at 300baud.  However I need to source a ribbon for this, the old one is dried up, and fell apart when I tried to open it up to re-ink it.

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    Hello. I was wondering if you are going to sell it. ?

  2. russ says:

    Found this ribbon link:

    I have a 43 myself, it was the first printer on my TRS-80 model 1. 🙂

  3. Chuck says:

    I too need ribbons for my Teletype Model 43. usaimagingsupplies doesn’t have them anymore, even though it is still on their website. Can’t find them anywhere. Does anyone have a few ribbons they want to sell? I will even buy broken/dried up ones… I’m that desperate. I want to show Teletype’s technology in action. Thx! chuck at rehor dot com

  4. Michael Enkelis says:

    3D printable teletype Model 43 ribbon cartridge and making ribbon loop.
    Files are here:

    • Ryan Wallmow says:

      That’s fantastic!
      I still have the shell for mine, so I wouldn’t even need to print one, but the insides (ribbon & inkpad/roller) are shot, I can try to follow the instructions to make a new one

  5. Chuck says:

    Can you pls tell us what combination null modem cables/connectors got your Model 43 communicating with a PC? Keep up the great work! Thx.

    • Ryan Wallmow says:

      I started with a 25pin to 9pin cable, got nothing, then added an inline null-modem adapter, that got me some activity, but I did have to drop baud rate to 300 in putty to get it talking correctly.

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