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Partially recapped my PowerBook 100 —

I have partially recapped my PowerBook 100 with great success, it now boots up.

The down side is my soldering iron crapped out mid-project, so I will have to finish replacing all the old SMD aluminum caps later, but I got all the ones that were visibly leaking, and it now boots, so I will consider this a win.

I made a photo with capacitor values so I would remember after I pulled the caps off, I will attach it here (I did not mark the voltage values, other than the 1uF caps which were rated 50volt, all of the rest were 16volt, I had no 16volt parts, I recapped all mine with 50volt rated parts).

When this photo was taken I had already replaced the two 10uF nearest display header, you can see I have used radial caps and just bent them over to fit.  After this photo I got as far as all the 1 and 10uF parts in the lower right near mouse port.  I still need to do the 1uF parts near debug/reset buttons and near keyboard port and ALL of the 47uF and 4.7uF parts (though none of those have leaked, yet!).


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