My Vintage Computer Virtual Museum and blog page.

New content! —

I have been neglecting this site lately, It’s been a while since I have added any new content, I have created a few new categories on the right hand side of the page, check out my Vintage Printers and Vintage Peripherals categories now!

Update on my Spring Cleaning and my Apple II —

Since my spring cleaning in June and hosing off my Apple II, I finally got it all put back together and it works GREAT!  I hosed off the keyboard and exercised the keys too, all but the number 2 seem to work perfectly, so I will probably have to replace that keyswitch (there’s a few others that don’t spring all the way back up that will also probably be replaced, but they work fine with no bounce or repeating, so not critical).

1977 at its finest!

Site back up —

Had some issues with the site today, appears my security went haywire and messed up the handling of PHP files.  In my quest to find the issue, I restored the Database and files to an older version, so a few posts and pages have been lost here, my apologies.

Spring Cleaning —

I have been working on some spring cleaning today:

  • I hosed off leaked capacitor electrolyte from my newly acquired Macintosh IIci.  The recap will occur at a later date, I am researching for the best replacement tantalum capacitors, the radial capacitors I have used in past projects just look sloppy, I want a nice clean looking repair.
  • I also hosed 35+ years of crud and insect carcasses off of my Apple ][, scrubbed the case down with bleach spray and a sponge and hosed it off as well.

Photos will be posted later once everything has dried out and is reassembled.

You may have noticed I have added some advertising. —

Regular viewers of my site may have noticed I have added some subtle advertising to my site, I am not looking to get rich off it by any means, I am just wanting to help offset the hosting costs for this hobby site of mine.

I am keeping them minimally intrusive and small so not to detract from my site, if anyone believes the ads are hurting this site, PLEASE comment and let me know.


WANTED, Dead or alive! —

I am in search of two different “laptop” portables from the late 80’s.

  1. Toshiba T1600 – 80286 laptop with “blue” EGA monochrome LCD display FOUND
  2. Grid GridCase 1520 – 80286 laptop with “orange” Gas-Plasma monochrome display

If anyone has any leads on either one it would be much appreciated.  My offer on price is conditional on functionality and cosmetic condition.