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Network and Telecommunications Upgrades —

Picked up four cheap 48-port gigabit layer-3 switches (Nortel/Avaya 5510-48T) to upgrade my network infrastructure, one is acting as the backbone switch in the house, and the three others (office, workshop, and entertainment center) are linked to it with dual gigabit LACP links.

Also I have pretty well completed integration of the new Avaya Definity G3 system.  It’s now running all the telephones in my home and workshop.  I’m utilizing 2x (out of 4x) Cat6 lines to provide 8 extensions to the house, and a pre-existing two pair cable to extend my Centurylink CO trunk, and “Door Phone” call-box CO trunk to the Definity from the house.  I am definitely outgrowing the cabling capacity to the house from the workshop, I need to add at least one more Cat6 cable, though I am toying with the idea of running a 25-pair cat3 telecom cable, then I could reclaim the 2x Cat6 cables I’m using, and upgrade to 4 connection LACP data link to the workshop.

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