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IBM Personal Computer/AT (5170)

My PC/AT (added to my collection in 2015)

This PC/AT needs restoration, it was upgraded to a generic 386-DX40 board and CPU at some point in time, I will be locating a proper AT board, and recreating a proper period correct AT with it (I will of course be keeping the 386 board as it would make for a nice clone build).


  1. Patrick says:

    hey love the collection, im about too try playing commander keen 1 ,2 and 3 on my xt – ive got dos 3 and 4 hopfully this will do the job, – its all good fun,

    also like your colleciton of applications and abandonware – , i dont suppose you would consider hosting a zip file of the whole collcetion for download ? ;-).. *grins*. i wish everyone did that !

    whats your favorite old game for an xt ? 😉

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks! I loved the Keen games growing up, they’re lots of fun 🙂
      I’d love to post a full collection zip, however I am somewhat limited on space for my webhost plan I am on, so to save space for new content and photos of the collection I can’t really duplicate all the downloads in a 2nd archive.
      Favorite PC/XT era game would probably be the old ASCII text based StarTrek or PacMan games, they would run on literally just about any DOS machine, and are still quite fun.

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