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Laserdisc Collection

In addition to vintage computers I also collect Laserdisc’s and Laserdisc players.

  1. My current “main” player is a Pioneer CLD-M301 (it was a lower end player in it’s day, it lacks many features, however it delivers pretty decent picture quality).
  2. My “backup” player is a Pioneer CLD-1090 (actually a more feature packed player than the M301, however it has issues with its power supply, I will investigate its issues later, I hope it’s just bad electrolytic caps).
  3. I also have an OLD Pioneer LD-660, which is an early Helium-Neon laser based player (mine is dated 1983), this player does still work, however it has some issues locking focus on disks, it’s more collectable than a daily use player.

Here is a link to a plain text listing of all the titles I currently own on Laserdisc, it was generated by an application called ‘readerware‘ which will let you easily inventory movies on various formats (including most dead formats, like LD, which are unsupported by most other inventory applications).


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