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HP Omnibook 600c

Currently DEAD and not powering on, Loud pop and Magic smoke a few seconds after I plugged in a PCMCIA CD-ROM drive, I believe it stressed an already weak power regulator and blew it out, it had been whistling a bit prior to it popping so I believe it was on its way out already, CD-ROM just pushed it over the edge.

Currently waiting for a rainy day to work on this one, hoping its just a dead and blown capacitor or some other off the shelf part in regulator.

My HP Omnibook 600c (added to my collection in 2000)

  • 80486DX4 75Mhz CPU
  • 16MB RAM
  • 520MB HD (PCMCIA Type III)
  • Modem (untested, unknown speed)
  • Unique tethered Pop-out mouse


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  1. soundsquare says:

    ive got the same omnibook mine only has 4mb ram
    windows 95 ,stil working

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