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Workshop/Museum —

I am setting up a workshop space where I can display and work on my collection, This space is in a detached building on my property.  So far I have the space cleaned out, insulated, and heated.  Next, I will be building some display shelving, I am planning on 3 levels of display shelving down […]

New content! —

I have been neglecting this site lately, It’s been a while since I have added any new content, I have created a few new categories on the right hand side of the page, check out my Vintage Printers and Vintage Peripherals categories now!

Site back up —

Had some issues with the site today, appears my security went haywire and messed up the handling of PHP files.  In my quest to find the issue, I restored the Database and files to an older version, so a few posts and pages have been lost here, my apologies.

Spring Cleaning —

I have been working on some spring cleaning today: I hosed off leaked capacitor electrolyte from my newly acquired Macintosh IIci.  The recap will occur at a later date, I am researching for the best replacement tantalum capacitors, the radial capacitors I have used in past projects just look sloppy, I want a nice clean looking […]

Made some site updates… —

I have updated image handling in the photo galleries making browsing of photos a little more user friendly, should have done this ages ago 🙂 I’ve also added pages for a few new additions to my collection, Please Check out my Compaq Portable and Toshiba T1600 pages, the pages are a bit generic for now, […]